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Miami attracts tourists from all over the world and is world famous for doing so in this regard. Getting into trouble in the City of Miami Florida regardless if on vacation or not is a very serious matter regarding Felony charges.

A Felony charge if found guilty can produce a prison sentence from one year to life imprisonment in a Florida State penitentiary and  or correctional facility.

Felony charges are as implied, a charge meaning it is not a conviction and or as found guilty as stated only a charge. You must be found guilty in a Miami court of law by a judge and or jury to be sentenced to prison.

If detained by the police in Miami, questioned, arrested, taken to jail and then charged with a Felony the sooner you have proper legal defense representation the far better you are in all and any regard.

Miami criminal defense attorney Erik Courtney has been practicing criminal law in Miami since 1987. For over 25 years practicing law and living in Miami.

As a former Miami-Dade senior trial lawyer for the State of Florida and prosecuting attorney Erik Courtney now only practices privately as a criminal defense attorney.

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FREE Speak to a Felony Criminal Defense Attorney! All Miami Felony Crimes

FREE Speak to a Felony Criminal Defense Attorney! All Miami Felony Crimes

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FREE Speak to a Felony Criminal Defense Attorney! All Miami Felony Crimes

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